What is Offset Printing

Offset Printing is a process in which printing matter is transferred from plate to rubber blanket and then it will transfer the printing media. In Offset Printing the ink roller transfers the ink on the plate and plate transfer the ink on the media. In Offset Printing we can select the number of colors. If we are printing a colored image then it is a combination of four colors (CMYK) Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. In the previous time first the positives are made and these positives are distributed in four colors cmyk and then these positives are converted into plates but now these days the CTP process comes means computer to plate. Offset Printing acquired the printing method from Lithography so it is also known as Litho Offset Printing.


1.) Offset Printing is very cheap method of printing if we are looking towards a very big quantity.
2.) We are can printing any color in Offset Printing from one to any number of Colors which can save our cost as well as our resources.
3.) We can also print some special colors in Offset Printing we cannot be possible in digital printing such as some Metallic Colors or White Color et


1.) Offset Printing is time consuming process in making positive, plates etc. in case of small production jobs.
2.) Offset Printing is expensive if we have to do a small run due to the making of plates, registration process and wastage.
3.) There is a wastage of approx 50-100 sheets in one go during the registration of colors.

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